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Mediterranean Fusion

Chef Mazen

Working my entire life in kitchens around the city, as well as graduating from SAIT as an apprentice cook, I have had the privilege of learning and being inspired by some of the best chefs around.

With my love of food extending from my Lebanese background, I use my hard earned knowledge and experience to combine the versatility of middle eastern cuisine with methods and techniques from other cultures and traditions, to create a modern Lebanese dining experience like none other.

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Canadian/Native American


I'm a Canadian chef with a Native American and Irish background. I enjoy cooking, but most importantly I enjoy making other people happy by
cooking for them.

Grateful that God has provided me this opportunity to work with wonderful people and food I grew up with.

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Ville Dishes

Ville Dishes specializes in making homemade cuisine originating from the West African country of Nigeria.

The business was birthed in 2022 and is focused on bringing authentic Nigerian cuisine to the doorstep of Calgarians and other surrounding communities, crafting each dish with traditional spices and a lot of love.

Our goal is to indulge the taste buds of our customers and leave a lasting impression with every bite of our homemade meals.

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