At The BRDGE, we believe every meal has a story — a journey from the heart of a home cook to your table. Born from a simple yet profound idea: to connect, nourish, and unite people through the power of food.

Our Founders Story


Born from a simple yearning for a taste of home, The BRDGE started with our founder's personal journey. Moving from Nigeria to Canada at nine, she missed the comforting flavors of her mother’s traditional cooking — a piece of home she hadn't learned to recreate. This longing sparked The BRDGE: a heartfelt mission to connect everyone with the authentic tastes of their heritage.

"Our platform is more than a marketplace; it's a celebration of culture, a rekindling of memories, and a community where every bite tells a story. Join us in savoring these cherished flavors and be part of a movement that turns nostalgic dishes into shared experiences."

Meet with Daniella
  • Our Mission

    We connect passionate home cooks with food lovers, offer operational support to vendors, and deliver convenience and discovery to consumers through an online marketplace.

  • Our Vision

    To make wholesome, home-cooked meals universally accessible, supporting home cooks and artisans and revolutionizing how people eat through community-sourced comfort food.

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Core Values & Ethics

At The BRDGE, our values define us: Community, Authenticity, and Empowerment. We celebrate the diversity of cuisines and the stories they carry, ensuring every meal is a testament to our commitment to quality and cultural representation.

  • Easy Eats

    We comb Calgary to partner with the best, unique food vendors, bringing their culinary masterpieces directly to you!

  • Community at Heart

    Dive into the soul of our platform, where food isn't just ordered—it's a reason to unite, celebrate diversity, and indulge in the flavors of tradition.

  • Endless Flavours

    Explore a world of taste with our expansive menu. Whatever your craving, we've got something to make your taste buds dance!

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  • Daniella Jasper-Okumagba

    Founder & CEO

  • Farren Power

    Operations Manager

  • Chris Pennoyer

    Sales Manager

  • Wahab Kiani

    HR Manager

  • Prince Gachanja

    Web Developer

  • Kent Chin

    Graphic Designer

  • Joan Nduka

    Email Marketing Manager

  • Armin Zarringhalam

    Content Strategy Specialist

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