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Welcome to The BRDGE, where Calgary’s best international flavors come home to your table. Our team scours the city to find local chefs specializing in authentic dishes from around the globe, ready to make your next event a delicious journey? With The BRDGE, every meal is a taste adventure.

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  • Global Culinary Expertise

    Global Culinary Expertise

    The BRDGE brings authentic dishes from around the world directly to your event, offering a vast array of international cuisines. You can opt for well-loved Canadian comfort dishes or explore the enticing flavors of Pakistan, Lebanon, and beyond.

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    Support for Local Businesses

    Choosing The BRDGE means supporting local chefs and contributing to Calgary's economy. We purposefully work with local chefs, understanding the impact of empowering our community and growing alongside small businesses.

  • Customizable Menus

    Customizable Menus

    Each event is unique, and we accommodate this by offering fully customizable menus. We aim to curate a menu that complements the theme of your event and caters to the dietary needs of both you and your guests.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Known for our excellent service, we ensure a seamless experience from planning through execution, with a dedicated team that handles every detail with care. Let us relieve you some stress, delivering delectable dishes.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Competitive Pricing

    Offering affordable catering options without compromising on quality or variety, The BRDGE ensures that clients receive the best value for their money, making it an attractive choice for both budget-conscious and high-end events.

  • Commitment to Quality

    Commitment to Quality

    Each dish served is prepared with the highest standards of quality and freshness, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. This commitment to culinary excellence is evident in every bite and sets The BRDGE apart from its competitors.

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  • Corporate Catering

    Corporate Catering

    Transform your corporate events with The BRDGE, Calgary's premier catering option. Our diverse menu options cater to any occasion from boardroom lunches to large-scale company gatherings.

    Corporate Catering 
  • Wedding Catering

    Wedding Catering

    Let us work together in curating a culinary journey that captures the love and joy shared on your special day! Choose from an array of global dishes that promise both satisfaction and inspiration.

    Wedding Catering 
  • Breakfast Catering

    Event Catering

    Make your next event a hit with The BRDGE, Calgary’s go-to for fantastic catering. From office meetings to family reunions, our wide-ranging and adaptable menu has something for everyone. Let us take care of the food, so you can focus on enjoying the moment.

    Event Catering 
  • Dinner Catering

    Private Chef Experience

    Conclude your day with The BRDGE’s exquisite dinner offerings. As a leading Calgary catering service, we provide unforgettable evening dining experiences with flavors from around the world.

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Get your favorite International foods, prepared and delivered straight to your door based on our weekly schedule!

Whether it's your home, school or office, we're here to provide you with a reliable supply of Authentic Nigerian food delivered weekly!

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Meet Our Chefs

Chef TRACEY - Canadian

"From techniques used by both Native and Irish grandmothers to expertise acquired in the fine dining industry, Selah delivers delicious cuisine that also capture the warm feelings sharing a meal with family."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does THE BRDGE work?

THE BRDGE connects customers with professional food vendors from an array of cultural backgrounds. To place an order, simply let us know what you are looking for by filling out our form and we will prepare a quote for you based on budget, availability and preferences!

What makes THE BRDGE different?

At THE BRDGE, we redefine home-cooked catering by bringing together a network of professional chefs who are experts in crafting authentic dishes from around the world. What distinguishes us is the fusion of culinary expertise and the comfort of home-cooked flavors.

If you don't have time to make your favorite traditional dish, we have found the vendor who can stock your fridge.

Are the chefs on your platform professional?

Yes! The chefs on our platform are a blend of professional chefs and talented home cooks who are moms, uncles, and local community members with a passion for their specific cuisines.

Can I customize my order or request specific dietary preferences?

Absolutely! Simply reach out to us at and we will do our best to accommodate your dietary preference.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

To allow time for preparation and sourcing of necessary ingredients we require a minimum of 48 hours' notice.

Is delivery available in my area?

We deliver to all communities in Calgary and surrounding areas.

What safety measures are in place during food preparation and delivery?

Our chefs follow strict hygiene standards and adhere to AHS regulations by operating out of AHS approved facilities.

Our delivery partners also make sure to transport food in temperature contained containers to prioritize safety.