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Embracing the diversity and creativity of the global food scene, we partner with gastronomic innovators, chefs, and traditional food cooks in Calgary to bring you an at-home or on-campus, in-office, or event venue dining experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Our world-class chefs are committed to serving you and yours an authentic culinary experience that transcends your typical takeout. 

Whether you’re in the mood for Moi Moi or aching for an arepa,The BRDGE connects you with Calgary’s chefs to bring a taste of the world right to your doorstep. All you have to do is decide where your tastebuds will go.

Monday through Friday, we’ll deliver ten meals (or more!) to your campus, office, place of business, or home. 

Serving Global Culinary Traditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does THE BRDGE work?

THE BRDGE connects customers with professional food vendors from an array of cultural backgrounds. Browse the menu, place an order, and enjoy authentic dishes delivered to your doorstep.

What makes THE BRDGE different?

At THE BRDGE, we redefine home-cooked catering by bringing together a network of professional chefs who are experts in crafting authentic dishes from around the world. What distinguishes us is the fusion of culinary expertise and the comfort of home-cooked flavors.

Our platform connects you with seasoned professionals who deliver the same warmth and authenticity you'd find in a home kitchen, ensuring each dish is a meticulously prepared masterpiece. This unique blend of professional skill and personal touch sets us apart, offering you a truly elevated and global culinary experience

Are the chefs on your platform professional?

Yes, our chefs are skilled culinary professionals with a passion for authenticity.

Can I customize my order or request specific dietary preferences?

Absolutely! Customize your order and communicate directly with chefs about any preferences or restrictions.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

To allow time for preparation and sourcing of necessary ingredients we require a minimum of 48 hours' notice.

Is delivery available in my area?

We deliver to all communities in Calgary and surrounding areas.

What safety measures are in place during food preparation and delivery?

Our chefs follow strict hygiene standards and adhere to AHS regulations by operating out of AHS approved facilities.

Our delivery partners also make sure to transport food in temperature contained containers to prioritize safety.

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