Terms of Service and Refund Policy

Thanks for subscribing to our “travel around the world through a different cuisine each week at www.thebrdge.comTerms of Sale, Subscription Plans:The Services offered by way of weekly subscription plans for Ethnic Cuisines (“Weekly Subscription Plan”). The various options available are set out below.i.You have the option to select your cuisine choices. ii.We create a meal based on your preference check and dietary preferences. Terms and Conditions for return and refund:If you are unhappy with any Product or ingredient you receive in your meal subscription, please contact us at www.thebrdge.com within five (5) days of receiving your order. We will provide a Credit (as defined below) to your Brdge Account for the equivalent value of the meal you are were not satisfied with. We may require you either:i.Return the item you are dissatisfied with, at your cost, unless otherwise agreed to withThe Brdge ii.Keep the itemiii.Provide photographic documentation of the item you are dissatisfied with. If you have any reason to believe that a Product in your delivery is not suitable for consumption, please contact us immediately at info@thebrdge.comAfter the (5) day period, we cannot offer you a credit or refund: We encourage all Brdge customers to either order meals that they are familiar with or be contentious when selecting the preference check to help ensure our selections meet your dietary preferences. These terms and conditions constitute the return and refund policy of The Brdge.www.thebrdge.com | 403-464-0955 | info@thebrdge.comDelivery:We do not currently deliver our Ethnic Cuisines to every city and/or province in Canada. You can find out if we ship to your area by signing up and you will be notified once we start shipping to your specified address.The Brdge generally uses third party services for delivery and therefore all cuisines purchased are made pursuant to a shipping contract whereby the title to and the risk of loss of such productspasses to you upon delivery of the Products to you. Following the delivery, the condition and consumption of the Products are at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for the proper and safe washing, handling, preparation, storage, cooking, use and consumption of the Products.Delivery times and dates are estimates and actual delivery times may vary due to weather conditions and other factors, some of which may be outside of our control (“Force Majeure”). If there are events beyond our control that interfere with our ability to deliver the Products to you on your scheduled delivery day, we will attempt to deliver your meal/s the following day. If we remain unable to deliver your Meal on the day which follows your originally scheduled delivery day, we will issue you a credit for the purchase price of that order. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are responsible for the total value of your order if we are unable to complete the delivery at your confirmed address at the specified day due to reasons caused by you the customer.We consider the Meals delivered when the third-party courier service arrives and surrenders custody of the Products in accordance with the delivery instructions you have specified in your Brdge Account. We will presume that any individual present at the location specified in the delivery instructions is authorized to receive the delivery on your behalf. If there is no one present at the address specified in the delivery instructions, we will leave the package unattendedat the address you have specified. You are responsible for ensuring the completeness of the delivery instructions provided to us.You are responsible for inspecting all meals received for any damage or other issues upon their delivery to you. You are responsible for determining the freshness of the Products you receive. Ifthe meal/s are determined not fresh upon their delivery to you, please let us know and we will handle the matter in accordance with our return policy.Your order is delivered in [what we are using] that keep your ingredients cool and fresh for up to24 hours after delivery. However, you are responsible for the Products when the courier gives up custody of the Products to you. You are responsible for a Product degradation because of any events (including the passage of time) after the delivery of the Products. Please keep in mind the season and temperatures in your area at the time of delivery and plan deliveries and storage accordingly. You are responsible for the Products the courier delivers the Products to the addresswww.thebrdge.com | 403-464-0955 | info@thebrdge.comindicated on your order. Please make sure there is someone to attend to the deliveries and store the Product accordingly, upon delivery.Upon reception and following inspection of any delivered Meals, you must immediately refrigerate or freeze all Meals; and are responsible for following refrigeration, food safety, safe food handling instructions and food consumption recommendations from [AHS] & Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to reduce risks of foodborne illnesses including such recommendation for at-risk groups (i.e., pregnant women, young children, elderly and individuals with compromised immune systems). You should use a food thermometer to ensure that all meat, poultry, fish, seafood and other applicable items are cooked at recommended internal temperatures.We may from time-to-time designate certain locations as “pick-up points” where you can collect the Products. Should you choose to receive your Products at a pick-up point, we will consider theProducts delivered when they are made available to you for pick-up at the specified pick-up point. You are responsible for collecting your Products within the timeframe specified in your shipping confirmation.*** Please note that The Brdge does not make deliveries on Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years day. Any orders placed which, according to the above delivery schedule, would fall on any of those days will be postponed to the next day. ***Special Offers:We may occasionally offer new or existing customers a promotional offer in connection with their use or potential use of the Services or the purchase of Products (each a “Special Offer”). The terms of a Special Offer shall be contained or otherwise transmitted therewith and otherwise governed accordingly. From time-to-time, a Special Offer may consist of a promotion for a free meal(s) upon the opening of The Brdge Account or re-subscribing to a Subscription (a “Free Meal Special Offer”).Should you take advantage of a Free Meal Special Offer, and such Free Meal Special Offer ends,you acknowledge and agree that we (or our third-party payment processor) will begin billing your designated payment method on a recurring basis for your Weekly Subscription Plan (including any applicable taxes) for as long as your Weekly Subscription Plan continues, unless you cancel your Weekly Subscription Plan prior to the end of the Free Meal Special Offer. www.thebrdge.com | 403-464-0955 | info@thebrdge.comInstructions for cancelling your Weekly Subscription Plan are described herein. Please note that you may not receive a notice from us that your Free Meal Special Offer has ended or that the fully paid portion of your Weekly Subscription Plan has begun.Account Credits:As a result of certain situations, we may issue you credits of a promotional value that will be automatically applied to future purchases made by way of your Brdge Account or otherwise applied to your Subscription, as applicable (the “Credits”). Credits are promotional in nature, are not transferable, may only be redeemed as instructed by us and are not exchangeable for cash or other property.Credits only remain available if you maintain an active Brdge Account. Cancelling your your Account will result in the cancellation of your Credits. You may only redeem Credits after they are applied to your Brdge Account. Termination:You may cancel your Brdge Account or any of your subscription plans at any time by contacting one of our team members via email (info@thebrdge.com). Our operating hours are [Monday-Friday] or Saturday & Sunday from [hours]. The Brdge also reserves the right to suspend or end the Service if you in breach of the Agreement, or for any other reasons deemed serious.Indemnification:You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold The Brdge harmless, its officers, directors, affiliates, employees and agents, from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees, arising out of or in any way connected with your access to or use of the Service as well as the The Brdge Account in relation therewith.Amendments:www.thebrdge.com | 403-464-0955 | info@thebrdge.comThe Brdge may amend the Agreement or any section of the Agreement, in whole or in part, by sending you a notice 30 days prior to the entry into force of such amendments. Each such notice will (i) set out the new section only, or an amended section along with the section as it read formerly; (ii) set out the date the amendment comes into force; and (iii) if the amendment entails an increase in your obligations or a reduction in The Brdge obligations, give you the right to refuse any amendment and terminate the Agreement without cost, penalty or cancellation indemnity by sending The Brdge a notice to that effect no later than 30 days after the amendmentcomes into force. To send such a notice, click on the “I Do Not Agree” when the amendment is communicated to you. Refusing an amendment entails the termination of the Agreement, the automatic deactivation of your Account, the automatic expiration of all your Credits and denial of access to the Service.Other:Thank you for choosing The Brdge!www.thebrdge.com | 403-464-0955 | info@thebrdge.com