Entrepreneur Spotlight: Daniella Jasper-Okumagba

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Daniella Jasper-Okumagba

In this month's spotlight, we feature Daniella Jasper-Okumagba, the innovative force behind The BRDGE. Daniella's journey from corporate life to culinary entrepreneurship showcases her dedication to making authentic Nigerian cuisine accessible to a broader audience. Her company, The BRDGE, supports home cooks by managing logistics, marketing, and sourcing, allowing them to focus on what they do best: cooking delicious, home-cooked meals.

Daniella’s vision has turned The BRDGE into a platform that not only offers affordable and authentic food but also empowers home cooks to become independent business owners. With significant achievements, including winning competitions and securing major catering contracts, Daniella's story is one of resilience, innovation, and community support.

Through The BRDGE, Daniella continues to revolutionize the culinary landscape by preserving cultural culinary traditions while ensuring high professional standards. This approach not only enriches the community but also creates opportunities for home cooks to thrive in a professional environment.

For more details, visit the BBPA website.

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