Just Moi Moi

Hi, my name is Justina, I moved to Calgary from Lagos, Nigeria with my husband in 2008. With living in a new environment, I was and continue to be eager to retain my culture. Over the past 15 years, I have built my reputation as a reliable chef for native dishes from Igbo, Yoruba and Urhobo tribes in Nigeria. In November 2020, I started my Instagram page JustMoi_Moi as I received copious amount of praise and grand reviews for my Moi Moi and traditional Urhobo Owho Soup!

After 3 years, my small business has grown and now invites many to order their favorite Nigerian dishes to stock their fridge or to cater their events.

  • Urhobo Owho Soup

    This hearty soup is crafted with tender cuts of meat, smoked fish, and a unique blend of spices, simmered to perfection with native starch. Served hot, Owho Soup offers a satisfying meal that warms the soul and invites you to explore the depths of West African culinary heritage.

  • Delta Banga Soup

    This aromatic delight is prepared using fresh palm nuts, creating a rich and creamy base, infused with exotic spices and accented with fresh seafood or meat. Served alongside fluffy white rice or traditional starch, Banga Soup provides a sumptuous, deeply flavored experience that is quintessentially Nigerian.

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