Welcome to BRDGE ME MEALS, where you can enjoy your favorite cultural and authentic meals delivered to your home, office or school every week!

Our goal is to make it easy for you to experience delicious meals from different cultures at an affordable price and without any hassle.

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Every Monday we deliver Smokey Nigerian Jollof Rice and Chicken, prepared by Lagos Chop Catering. Whether you're at home, work or school, we deliver straight from kitchen to you!

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If you would like to schedule your delivery outside of our delivery window, please send an email to

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my meals be delivered?

Between 1 and 3 pm as it will be hot delivered directly from the kitchen - fresh!

What if I want my food delivered outside the delivery window?

If you would like to have your food delivered outside of our delivery window, please contact us at once you have placed your order.

Please note that this will induce a $5-10 fee depending on what area of the city you live in.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Simply leave a comment before you checkout to inform us of your dietary restrictions so we can alert the Chef.

What if I need to cancel or modify my order?

If you would like to cancel your pre-order, please contact us directly through our Contact Us form or email us as soon as possible at

Our cancellation policy requires notice at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time to process the cancellation without any charges.

Is delivery included in the order, and what areas do you serve?

Delivery is included, and we serve all of Calgary and surrounding areas!