Selah (Chef Tracey)

Canadian / Native American

I'm a Canadian chef with a Native American and Irish background. I learned to cook the "old fashioned way" from techniques used by both of my Native and Irish grandmothers. I moved to Alberta two years ago and started working in the fine dining industry, and gained various skills knowledge. But also learned about different backgrounds. I enjoy cooking, but most importantly I enjoy making other people happy by cooking for them.Grateful that God has provided me this opportunity to work with wonderful people and food I grew up with.

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My Portfolio

  • Canadian Elk Stew

    Available for Friday Delivery

    This stew is a blend of Irish and Native American expression. But what truly makes it Canadian is the diversity of flavors melding together to create something distinctive and satisfying.

  • Wild Rice with Braised Cabbage

    Available for Friday Delivery

    This is a vegetarian Canadian dish. The nutty flavor profile of wild rice is combined with the buttery traditional Irish braised cabbage, that has a hint of sweetness to it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michel Larrivee
Beautiful tasting event!

Fresh and elevated dishes made with quality ingredients. We absolutely recommend the panda cotta, it is rich, creamy and flavourful! The sandwiches made with bakery and garden fresh ingredients - delicious! Thank you, lovely tasting experience.

Amazing Panna Cotta at BRDGE Event

My first time having panna cotta at the BRDGE event and it was so delicious! The texture was so creamy and I left wanting more!

Derek R.

The prime rib was amazing as were all the side dishes. Vegetable dishes were constructed of market fresh items purchased that day.