Ville Dishes

Jesutofunmi Oluwoye is the founder of Ville Dishes. Ville Dishes specializes in making homemade cuisine originating from the West African country of Nigeria. The business was birthed in 2022 and is focused on bringing authentic Nigerian cuisine to the doorstep of Calgarians and other surrounding communities, crafting each dish with traditional spices and a lot of love.

Our goal is to indulge the taste buds of our customers and leave a lasting impression with every bite of our homemade meals.

  • Jollof Rice with Zobo

    Delivery on Fridays

    Jollof rice is a popular West African dish made with rice, tomatoes, and various spices. It's cooked with ginger and garlic for added flavor.

  • Efo Riro

    Delivery on Fridays

    Efo riro (Nigerian Spinach Stew) is a delectable, delicious, and incredibly flavorful stew from Africa made with spinach. Who would have thought that spinach could taste so good? Comes with Assorted Meat